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compared to using traditional translation services.
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Already bought Xpolyglot? Recover your licenseXpolyglot requires a separate OpenAI API key.

Cost estimate for a medium-sized project

300 medium-length keys, translated into 5 languages.
XpolyglotOne-time purchase
OpenAI APIUsed for all translations
Total Cost$900.00 for human translation

Estimate your savings

Estimate the cost of using Xpolyglot versus traditional translation services.

Localization Keys200
Localized Languages5
Words per KeyDepending on your project
Cost per WordFor traditional translation service
Human Translation
Estimated Savings

Note: Xpolyglot requires a separate OpenAI API key, which can be obtained at openai.com.

Assumptions: The system prompt adds 350 tokens / key. The avg. token count / word is 2. These values were conservatively chosen.

Includes the cost of the Xpolyglot app itself, and the estimated OpenAI API usage cost.


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